First encounter

You are attacked by a group of Kobolds. Here are their stats:

1. Stats

They do stuff to you, affecting your hit points with dice rolls. What do you do?

Crick: I cast Color Spray at them, hitting as many as I can in the blast. Then, if I have room, I fly up and hover out of their reach. If I don’t have room for this, then I move and hide behind one of the fighters (did I mention there are fighters with me?)

GM: Did you do those links or were they auto-generated? Either way, pretty cool. I think this is gonna work. Let me invite Stefanie and we can try a real mini adventure.

Crick ooc: I did them, but they’re super easy. The only problem I see with this is no auto-notification, but that’s not make or break… we’ll just need to email a nudge if no one has checked in in awhile.

GM: Actually, you can enable notifications by signing up for the Ascendant account, which is $5 a month and which I will happily do if this works. Also, there’s a 15 day trial for it, but it asks for a card, so I’m gonna wait to sign up for the trial until we have a somewhat complete party ready to play. There’s some other nifty stuff that’s Ascendant only.

First encounter

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